Human talent

Each day thousands of students, scientists and young professionals on Wageningen Campus work on the challenges in agriculture, nutrition, food production, sustainable products and a healthy living environment.

Wageningen Campus is proud of its major potential of young professionals and the wealth of opportunities for collaboration with renowned research experts. Wageningen University & Research Student Career Services provides a platform to meet the talent of tomorrow, while Wageningen Academy and Wageningen Center for Development Innovation provide further training for established professionals. And to help young agrifoodtech startups become successfull in their endavours to help build a sustainable food system, StartLife provides professional support services.

Take a look at what the campus has to offer.

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Talent on the Campus

Wageningen Campus hosts 8,000 scientists, spread over twelve research institutes of the university and the Research & Development Centers of market-leading companies, small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups. More than 15,000 students at Wageningen University & Research and Aeres University of Applied Sciences are being trained to solve tomorrow’s challenges. All within the fields of nutrition, agro- and food production, life sciences, biobased and circular economy and a healthy living environment.

Aeres University of Applied Sciences

Make use of the best of professional potential, knowledge and skills. That is the focus of Aeres University of Applied Sciences Wageningen. To improve the learnability of people and organizations. Inspired by Nature. The study programmes focus on teachers, trainers and specialists in learning.

Science Shop

The Wageningen University & Research Science Shop is in charge of organizing research that is commissioned by non-profit civil society organisations with limited financial means. The goal of the Science Shop is to generate direct societal impact by carrying out bottom-up research and creating new bridges between science and society.

Society Based Education

Society Based Education seeks active cooperation with companies, startups, knowledge institutes, networks and non-profit organizations in order to connect WUR students to relevant and meaningful social challenges.


StartHub Wageningen is the startup incubator and educator for students, PhD’s and recent graduates of Wageningen University & Research.


Tomorrow’s global food supply challenges demand a radical approach to innovation in the Food and Agriculture sectors today. Due to their innovative capacity, StartLife believes that startups are the propelling force behind the agrifoodtech innovations required to meet global food demand in the future. StartLife helps these entrepeneurial talents reach their full potential.

Student Career Services

Wageningen University & Research has excellent students in the domain of society and well-being, food, feed and bio-based production, natural resources and the living environment. Student Career Services offers the opportunity to meet these talented students, recent graduates and PhD candidates.

Student Challenges

Student competitions provide a myriad of opportunities: they are a platform for students to demonstrate their talent, a stepping-stone to achieving greater things in future career and a unique opportunity to work on real-life problems and make a difference.

Wageningen Academy

Wageningen Academy develops programmes and organizes courses for professionals from business and government. In-company training and other tailor-made programmes are offered as well.

Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation

Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation brings Knowledge in Action by designing customised training programmes, tailored to the needs of a specific group of professionals.