Restaurants on Wageningen Campus

Below you’ll find an overview of the catering facilities on campus. Both in WUR and non-WUR buildings.

Various catering facilities (restaurants, coffee corners and vending machines) can be found on Wageningen Campus. Wageningen University & Research (WUR) strives for a circular food system and a supply of healthy, sustainable food and beverages. WUR cooperates with three caterers who provide catering facilities in the various buildings. They are committed to achieving the greatest possible positive ecological and social impact. Read more about WUR's vision for Food & Beverage on these web pages.

Restaurants in education buildings

All four education buildings of Wageningen University & Research have their own restaurant. These are managed by caterer Compass. The restaurants offer a wide selection of fresh and healthy meals, both for lunch and dinner. Coffee corners and vending machines are available for a coffee break with a healthy snack or quick lunch. 


There is a Grand Café on the first floor of Forum and a large restaurant on the second floor.

Grand Cafe: Mon-Fri | 8:00-17:00

Forum Restaurant: Mon-Fri | 11:00-14:00

Address: Droevendaalsesteeg 2; Contact:


In Orion you will find a large restaurant on the first floor next to the student café The Spot.

Orion Restaurant: Mon-Fri| 11:30-14:00

Student Café The Spot: Mon-Thurs | 8:00-19:30; Fri | 8:00-17:00

Address: Bronland 1; Contact:


Coffee Corner: Mon-Fri | 8:00-17:00

Food Market: Mon-Fri | 11:30-14:00

Address: Fifth Polder 1; Contact:


Coffee Corner: Mon-Fri | 8:00-15:00

Restaurant: Mon- Fri | 11:30-14:00

Address: Hollandseweg 1; Contact:

Restaurants in non-educational buildings


Restaurant: Mon-Fri | 11.30-13.30

Coffee bar: Mon-Wed-Fri | 8.30-18.00; Tue-Thurs | 8.30-23.00

Address: Stippeneng 2; Contact T 0317 482828


Faculty Club Novum: Mon-Wed-Fri | 10.00-17.00; Tue-Thurs | 10.00-19.30*.

*From October 1, 2023: dinner by reservation, where guests may enter until 6:30 pm. Restaurant closes at 10 p.m.

Address: Hoge Steeg 2; Contact

Catering facilities in non-WUR buildings on campus

The restaurant in the Unilever building (Bronland 14) is open to all, and you will also find various dining options and stores at Campus Plaza.

Aeres University of Applied Sciences

The canteen of Aeres University of Applied Sciences has a Food and Beverage facility and welcomes everyone.

Address: Mansholtlaan 18

Finally, at the Business & Science Park Wageningen, you will find dining facilities: Meet & Eat Wageningen.

Questions & Contact

The above opening hours are subject to change. For specific questions or comments about the food and beverage offerings, please contact the caterer of the location in question.

For general questions, please contact the Servicedesk FB of WUR.